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Juki DU-1181 JAPAN AutoOil Walking Foot Top Bottom Feed Industrial Sewing Machine DU1181, 15mmLift, 9mmS

Juki LZ-2282N 7/CP160 Needle Feed Industrial Sewing Machine & Assembled Power Stand

Juki LZ-391N 1 Needle Lockstitch 12mm Knee Lever Zigzag Industrial SS ZZ & 11" Freemotion Embroidery Mac

Juki DDL5550N High Speed Straight LockStitch Industrial Sewing Machine JAPAN, 11"Arm, AutoOil, 5mmSL, 13m

Juki DDL8300N High Speed Straight Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine 6-13mmFootLift 5mmSL 6SPI AutoOil SetU

Juki DDL8700 Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine DDL8700, 11" Arm, 5500SPM, 1/2" Foot LIft, 5mm

Juki DDL8700-7-WB AK Auto Needle Position, Backtack, Foot Lift Industrial Sewing Machine 11"Arm, 1/2"Lift

Juki DDL9000BS Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine, Auto Thread Trim, Backtack, 16mm Foot Lift,

Juki DLN 5410 Needle Feed Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine DLN5410, 6/13mm Lift, 4.5mm Stitch Length,

Juki DLN-9010-7S, 7H Direct Drive High Speed Needle Feed Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine DLN9010, Au

Juki DNU1541 Walking Foot Needle Feed Industrial Sewing Machine, Big M Bobbin, 9mm Stitch Length, 9/16" L

Juki DNU1541S Walking Foot Needle Feed Ind Sewing Machine JAPAN (DNU241), Safety Clutch, Big M Bobbin, 9m

Juki LBH-783U Bartack Buttonhole Lockstitch Machine, 1/4-1.25" Length to 345 Stitches, 12mmLift, ThreadTr

Juki LK1900 Bartacking Sewing Machine, Thread Trimmer, Foot Lift, up to 30mmx40mm Patterns, No Oil, Direc

Juki LS1341 Cylinder Bed Unison Needle Feed Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine, LgHook,16mm Ft Lift,

Juki MB-373U Chainstitch Button Sewer Tacking Industrial and Commercial Sewing Machine & Power Stand

Juki MB1373 1Thread Chainstitch Button Sewer Industrial Sewing Machine, 8-16 or 32 Stitch, Size 10-28mm D

Juki MF-3620 U300 4 Needle Feed OffTheArm FlatSeamer Top Bottom Stretch Coverstitch Industrial Sewing Mac

Juki MF-7823 3-Needle Cylinder Bed Top & Bottom Cover Hem Stitch Machine MF7823, Diff Feed, Dog Incline,

Juki MH-1410B Double Needle Feed Chainstitch Cylinder Bed Industrial Sewing Machine, Assembled Power Stan

Juki MO 6716 S-FF6-50H, 2 Needle 3 Thread Overlock, 2 Thread Safety Chain Stitch Serger MO6716, Power Sta

Juki MO 6716 S-FF6-50H, 2 Needle 3 Thread Overlock, 2 Thread Safety Chain Stitch Serger MO6716, Power Sta

Juki MO 6916S-FF6 Super High Speed Overlock & Safety Stitch Machine, 1.5-4mm SL, 4.8mm W, 1:4 Diff Feed,

Juki MO-6704 S-OE4-40H 3-Thread 4mm Width, Industrial Overlock Serger Machine MO6704, 4 to 1 Differential

Juki MO-6714 S-BE6-40H 1&2 Needle 3&4 Thread Industrial Overlock Serge Mach MO6714S, AutoOil, 6.4mmSW, 4m

Juki MO-6743S 3 Needle 6 Thread Industrial Serger, 3.2-4.8mm Overlock, Safety Stitch Machine, 7mm Foot Li

Juki MO-6916J-3 Variable Top & Bottom Feed Safety Stitch & Overlock Serger Machine for Extra Heavy Weight

Juki MO6704-150Pearl 1.6mm RollHem Narrow Satin Stitch Edge Industrial Overlock 3Thread Serger MO-6704 4:

Juki TNU-243U Heavy Duty 16.5" LongArm Walking Foot Ind Sewing Machine TMU243U, 20mm Foot Lift, 15mm Stit

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