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Juki DLN 5410 Needle Feed Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine DLN5410, 6/13mm Lift, 4.5mm Stitch Length, Auto Oil, Power Stand, 4000SPM
For Industrial Use

The machine head has been redesigned to improve the performance of each component...

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The machine head has been redesigned to improve the performance of each component. Thanks to the machine's low-tension sewing capability and the adjustment function for the needle feed amount (±15%), uneven material feeding and puckering rarely occur, thus enhancing the machine's ability to respond to any change in the material to be sewn. The optimally balanced design of the machine head and the stronger frame structure significantly reduce machine vibration and noise while the machine is being operated. 

Single Needle Feed High Lift 
30.7 mm Needle Bar Stroke 
Automatic Lubricating Full Rotary Hook 
Maximum 4.5mm Stitch Length 
Consistent Stitch Length


Single needle feed and high lift 
Ideal unit for end finishing and top stitching on jeans 
Strong, even feed with consistent stitch length 
Sewing speed maximum rated up to 4,000 stitches per minute 
Maimum 4.5mm stitch length 
30.7 mm needle bar stroke 
Automatic lubricating full rotary hook 
Fully automatic lubrication 

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