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Brother BE 1201B AC PC 12 Needle 12x16" Embroidery Machine, Big M Bobbins, 23 Hoops, 1200 SPM, Dell LapTop,

Brother DB2-B755-3 Straight LockStitch High Speed Industrial Sewing Machine S-7550A-3, 1/2"Lift, 48x20x30" S

Brother PQ1500S 9x5"Arm Quilting Machine, Needle Positioner, Trimmer, Grace Start Right 92" Queen Metal Fram

Brother PQ1500S, 9"Arm 7mm Straight Stitch Sew & Quilt Machine PinFeed NeedleUpDown Threader Trimmer KneeLif

Brother PQ1500S, Threads & Needles* 9"Arm 7mmStitch Sew & Quilt Machine NeedleUpDown Threader Trim KneeLift

Brother PR1000 Entrepreneur PRO Perfect 10Needle 14x14" Embroidery Machine, Stand, 270° Wide Cap Equipme

Brother PR1000, PED Next, BES Letter, Flip Pal Mobile Scanner, Entrepreneur Perfect 10Needle 14x14Embroidery

Brother PR600FS 6 Needle 8x12 Embroidery Machine PR-600 JAPAN, 4 Hoops

Brother PR620 Demo 6Needle 8x12" Embroidery Machine, Stand, Cap Eq, 5Hoops

Brother PR650, PED Next, BES Letter, FlipPal Scanner, 6Needle 8x12 Emb Mach Stand CapCyl 6Hoop 68Font

Brother RPR600II Machine+ UPGRADE to PR620, 6 Needle 8x12"Embroidery Mac PR-600

Brother S-6200A SS Sewing Machine, Trimmer Backtack NeedleUp KneeLever 6/13mmLift RearMotor 5000SPM, 220V Co

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