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Juki LK1900 Bartacking Sewing Machine, Thread Trimmer, Foot Lift, up to 30mmx40mm Patterns, No Oil, Direct Drive Motor Stand, 3000RPM
For Industrial Use

Electronic Bartacking Machine - 2700 Stitches Per Minute - Industrial Sewing Machine - The machine achieves the world's highest sewing speed of 3,000rpm - In addition to the high-speed sewing...

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Electronic Bartacking Machine 
2700 Stitches Per Minute 
Industrial Sewing Machine 
The machine achieves the world's highest sewing speed of 3,000rpm 
In addition to the high-speed sewing performance, the machine's starting, stopping, thread-trimming and automatic presser lifting speeds have been increased to significantly shorten total cycle time 
The machine comes with a newly developed needle thread grasping mechanism 
The mechanism prevents thread from slipping off from the needle eyelet at the beginning of sewing, from tangling on the wrong side of the material and also being stained during sewing 
The thread trimming mechanism has been further improved to shorten the length of thread remaining on the wrong side of the material after thread trimming 
With its 30mm (length) by 40mm (width) sewing area, the machine can sew many different shapes of bartacks 
The machine is provided as standard with as many as 50 different types of sewing patterns including semilunar bartacking, round bartacking, radial tacking as well as conventional bartacks 
Thanks to our advanced dry-head technology, the frame (needle bar and thread take-up) no longer requires lubrication. This prevents the material from being stained with lubricating oil 
Just a small quantity of just clean oil is supplied from the oil tank to the hook 
The machine is provided as standard with an auto-lifter that uses a new stepping-motor system. This helps reduce operator fatigue 
It is also possible to change over the stroke of the auto-lifter from a one-step stroke to a double-step stroke, which offers easier positioning of a material on the machine 
For the double-step stroke, an intermediate stopping height can be established on the operation panel 
The presser foot lift can be set to a maximum of 17mm by using the reverse-rotation needle-up function in combination with the auto lifter mechanism 
The direct-drive head (with no belt), which is directly connected to a compact AC servomotor, achieves outstanding responsiveness and improved stop accuracy 
head helps create a comfortable working environment with reduced vibration and noise 
The arm section of the machine head is fitted with a hand pulley. This allows the operator to visually check the needle entry points 
Complete with table stand and motor


Electronic bartacking machine with a sewing area of 20mm x 40mm which gives you the space to complete your projects 
This machine is designed for general bartacking on jeans and work wear 
Unit has sequential programming, enlargement and reduction of patterns, therefore you can stitch several different styles with this machine 
Comes with an easy access control panel, which allows you to make changes to what you are doing and allows for easy use in your machine 
Standard increased jump speed and a memory capacity of 10,000 stitches 
Sewing speed: max. 2,700 s.p.m. 
Stitch length: max. 10mm 
Sewing area: 30mm (l) x 40mm (w) 
Work clamp lift: Max. 17mm 
Number of stitches:10,000 /pattern 
Number of patterns: up to 94 patterns with added ROM 
The world's highest sewing speed of 3,000rpm ! 
The proven computer-controlled bartacking machine has been dramatically evolved to be an easier-to-use machine. 

Since the machine is provided with an active tension mechanism, it is able to set a needle thread tension that matches various sewing conditions (such as thread, material and sewing speed) on the operation panel, store the data in memory and reproduce it. 

The needle thread tension can be separated according to stitching type or portion of a seam, such as the beginning part of the seam, base stitched part, zigzag stitched part and end of the seam (fastening stitch). 

When the operation panel (IP-200B) is used in combination with the active tension, the needle thread tension can be set on a stitch-by-stitch basis. This helps eliminate undesired thread tension variations at a multi-layered part of a material or with sewing direction, thereby contributing to upgraded seam quality. 

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