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Reliable Canada MSK-8600B Walking Foot Needle Feed
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Sewing leather, canvas and other synthetic fabrics has never been easier than with the MSK8600B walking foot machine. 

The MSK8600B, equipped with full top and bottom feed and needle feed, is ideal for sewing medium to heavy weight material. 

All of the convenience features are standard to make your job easier: reverse lever, stitch length regulator, and of course, Reliable™'s trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting industrial sewing machines. 
- large bobbin capacity 
- 2,000 rpm 
- 0-10mm stitch length 
- 35mm needle bar stroke 
- 8mm pressure foot lift by hand 
- 14mm pressure foot lift by knee 
- 71.5mm thread take up stroke 
- link type feeding mechanism 
- stitch dial regulator 
- reverse lever mechanism 
- single row feed dog 
- rotary auto-lubricated hook 
- manual lubrication 
- 76lbs net weight 
- great for leather, canvas, synthetics & upholstery fabrics 
- takes up to a #96 thread 
- accessory kit & instructions 
- One year manufacturers warranty 


Model: MSK-8600B 
Maximum sewing speed (r.p.m.): 2,000 
Stitch length: 0-10 mm 
Needle bar stroke: 35 mm 
Presser foot lift 
By hand: 8 mm 
By knee: 14 mm 
Needle size: 135 x 17 #18-#24 
Thread take-up mode: Sliding lever take-up 
Thread take-up stroke: 71.5 mm 
Feed dog: Single row 
Hook: Double capacity hook 
Lubrication: Manual 

Included Accessories

Instruction manual 

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