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Reliable Canada MSK-755 Full Size Blind Hem Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine MSK755 SkipStitch, Knee Lever, DC Motor Power Stand,
For Industrial Use

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The MSK-755 industrial blindstitch sewing machine with skip-stitch function is easy to use and is ideal for garment manufacturer's, drapery workrooms and alteration shops. 

Compare to Heavy Duty presser foot assembly parts and fittings for MSK-755H blind hem drapery model that are heavier then the fittings of the MSK-755 to be able to hem heavier drapery fabrics with blackout lining. 

The skip stitch feature with 1:1 - 2:1 dial is essential for sewing lightweight fabric such as sheers. 

The MSK-755 is also equipped with a dial to adjust the needle penetration from light to heavier weight material. 

Warranty: RELIABLE 1 Year 

Best used for: 

True skip stitch function with chain-off finger* (*required for drapery sheers and other light work) 

Simple to use - easy to operate 

Adjustable stitch penetration for various types of fabric 

Automatic tension release for easier removal of the fabric 

Adjustable thread tension 

Swing-away plate for for sewing flat pieces (drapery) 


Model :MSK-755 
Maximum sewing speed :2,500 rpm 
Stitch length : 0-8 mm 
Cylinder diameter : 58 mm 
Pressure foot lift : By knee 8 mm 
Needle system : # 29BL (LW6T) 
Lubrication : Manual 
Skip stitch function : 1:1 - 2:1 true skip stitch 
Dimensions - head : 17" x 19" x 13" 
Weight - net : 45 lbs 
Shipping dimensions : 40" x 50" x 14" 
Shipping weight : 200 lbs 
Warranty : RELIABLE 1 Year Warranty 

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