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Yamata USA FS-388Z Zigzag 9x5" LongArm Walking Foot Metal Portable Sewing Machine FS388 16.5x7" 150W 1.5A 1/4"Lift 4SPI 800SPM
For Home Use

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Semi Industrial Sewing Machine with Upholstery capability. Up to 800 SPM with attached motor included. 

Walking foot dual-feed walking foot capability built-in. 

Sews Heavy leather up to 1/4" thick, covers, sails. 
Upholsters furniture, tarps, tents, curtains, cushions, quilts, dresses and much more. 

Use Organ Size 22 Needles system 135x17, and #69 bonded nylon/polyester thread for sewing on exterior weight upholstery fabrics.


800 stitches per minute 

Cleated positraction belts combine with new geared hand wheel pulley, geared reduction pulley and geared motor pulley to eliminate slipping 

High lift walking foot with 1/4" clearance underneath the foot 

Special heavy duty motor attached up to 150 watts, 1.5 amps, twice as much as home sewing machines 

Spring loaded reverse 

Uses 16 class welt foot 

4 stitches per inch maximum stitch length 

Uses standard upholstery needles: 135x17, size 22, 20, 18, etc. 

Power: 6600 RPM, 150 watts, 1.5 amp motor 

Weight: 40 lbs 

Included Accessories

Instruction manual 
Foot Control 

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