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Juki HZL-27Z Lightweight Freearm Mechanical 22Stitch Sewing Machine HZL27Z, Buttonhole TopBobbin Threader 7PointFeed 13Lb 5YrWnty
For Home Use

5 Year Warranty Parts, 2 Year Electrical Parts Warranty

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The all new Juki HZL-27Z is a step forward in home sewing machine engineering and functionality. A simple yet robust machine that can tackle most all of your sewing needs. Smooth and quiet, the HZL-27Z is a pleasure to work on. And with two extra front feed dogs, this compact machine will sew light weight fabrics to denim with ease.

In comparison to our other compact model, the extended throat distance and longer sewing bed contribute to an improvement in form as well as function. And a large, easy-to-use stitch selection dial, oversized reverse feed lever, and white LED light make using this machine a breeze. With all of its great features, the HZL-27Z is a fantastic final addition to Juki's line of mechanical home sewing machines.


Model: Juki HZL-27Z, Shipping Weight: 24lbs
Fine Tuned Functions are Easy To Use for Beautiful Sewing Results

* Automatic Needle Threader Simply lower the lever and turn it back and forth. This single action makes it easy to thread the needle.
* Large and Easy To Use Stitch Selection Dial and Reverse Feed Lever Stitch patterns can be selected by the large, easy to operate dial. The reverse feed lever is also conveniently larger for simple operation.
* White LED Light Brightens the needle entry area. LED light will not heat up even during long operations.
* 4-Step Buttonholing Buttonholes can be sewn neatly with 4 easy steps.
* Easy Drop In Bobbin It is simple to prepare the bobbin thread and to clean the hook area. The remaining amount of bobbin thread is visible through the transparent cover.
* 7-Point Feed Dog From light-weight material to denim. 2 extra Feed Dogs are located in front of the needle entry hole. With the 7 point feed dog the machine feeds any light weight to heavy weight materials consistently.
* Free Arm The accessory box slides off for free arm sewing. Standard accessory parts can be neatly stored in the box.
* Easy Sewing Start Push the black button at the presser foot and make it parallel at the throat plate. This makes it easy to start sewing multiple layers of fabric or overlapped materials.
* 22 Stitch Patterns plus Buttonhole
* Changeable Needle Positions Zig-Zag width can be adjusted by simply turning the Stitch Selection Dial. For straight stitches either the left or center needle position can be selected.

Dimensions 388W x 280H x 198D mm

Weight 5.9 KGS (13.0 lbs)

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