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Reliable Canada MSK755H Heavy Duty Drapery Blind Hem Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine MSK-755H, 3000 SPM, Knee Lift, DC Motor Stand
For Industrial Use

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The presser foot assembly parts and fittings for MSK-755H blind hem are heavier duty then the fittings of the MSK-755, to be able to hem heavier drapery fabrics with blackout lining 

Blind Stitch Hemmer Machines do in minutes what would take you hours hemming by hand with sewing needles. 

MSK-755H - The MSK-755H heavy-duty blind stitch machine is designed to handle the medium to heavy fabric requirements of a drapery workroom. 

Designed for drapery 
With the MSK-755H, you will be able to hem with or without blackout. No more worrying about breaking needles and skipping stitches. Getting a great quality stitch is assured because the heavy-duty fittings do such a good job of feeding the heavier fabric. 

Easier to control 
We set the MSK-755H up with our Sewquiet™ 4000 servomotor, using a #50 pulley so that the machine is easier to control, helping to ensure a perfect stitch. 

Less vibration, better quality stitch 
The solid frame construction on the MSK-755H (as compared to a frame drop type machine) ensures less vibration, and ultimately a better quality stitch than frame drop machines. 

Quality you can count on 
Each MSK-755H is individually sewn-off and tested before it leaves our factory. Great care is taken in preparing each and every machine so you won't have to worry about getting started right away. 


Model: MSK-755H 
Maximum sewing speed: 1,300 rpm 
Stitch length: 0-8 mm 
Cylinder diameter: 58 mm 
Pressure foot lift By knee: 8 mm 
Needle system #: 29BL 
Lubrication Manual 
Skip stitch function 1:1 - 2:1 true skip stitch 
Eye guard Standard 

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