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Reliable Canada MSK-1541S Walking Foot Needle Feed Sewing Machine (Juki DNU1541S DNU241) Safety Clutch, BigBobbin 9mmStitch 9/16Lift DCPowerStand
For Industrial Use

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All the features of the Juki 1541 and 1508 at an economical price! Horizontal axis large hook, loads from the side. Replaces Juki DNU-241H . Will fit standard cut out. Comes with safety clutch 

*Safety Clutch button puts machine back into timing if it slips out. Push the button down with left hand while turning the handwheel backwords with right hand until it clicks! 

The MSK-1541S single needle, compound feed walking foot sewing machine with safety clutch is ideal for sewing leather, upholstery, canvas, synthetics and other medium to heavy weight fabric. With its powerful feeding system (top and bottom feed) higher pressure foot lift and longer stitch length, the MSK-1541S can easily sew heavy materials with heavier thread. 

Large bobbin capacity 
Safety clutch mechanism 
Link-type feeding mechanism for smooth operation 
Low noise, low vibration design 
2,500 rpm high-speed operation 
Large handwheel 
Stitch dial regulator 
Reverse lever mechanism (Creating the perfect back tack is easy with the MSK-1541Sís reverse lever mechanism.) 
Complete stand includes a Sewquiet 3000 DC Servomotor, plywood table top and K-legs 

Best used for: 
Leather, canvas and synthetic materials 
Upholstery, boat tops 
Tarpaulins, awnings, tents 


Model: MSK-1541S 
Maximum sewing speed: 2,500 rpm 
Stitch length: 0-9 mm 
Needle bar stroke: 36 mm 
Pressure foot lift: By hand 9 mm, By knee 16 mm 
Needle system: # 135 x 17 
Thread take-up stroke: 71.5 mm 
Feed dog: Single row 
Hook type: Rotary - Auto lubricated 
Lubrication: Manual 
Weight - head: 106 lbs 
Bed size is 477mm 178mm, or 18.75" x 7" standard flatbed. 
Dimensions with stand: 40" x 50" x 51" 
Shipping weight w/stand: 225 lbs 
Warranty: RELIABLE 1 Year Warranty 

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