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Reliable Canada MSK-373N/DTACK DRAPERY BAR TACKER Tacking Industrial Sewing Machine MSK373ND Taiwan (Japan Juki 373) HEAD ONLY, No Power Stand
For Industrial Use

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The MSK-373N/DTack chainstitch drapery tacker will sew a 2 or 4 hole button and is suitable for apparel production, dry cleaning / laundry applications and drapery workrooms. 

Standard on the MSK-373N is a 2/4 button selection, a buton line (size) selector, and an 8 or 16 stitch setting adjustment. 

Best used for: 
"Ladies, men's and children's wear 
Regular or shank style buttons 
Drapery tacks (with a change of clamp) 

2/4 button selections 
Button line (size) selector 
8 or 16 stitch setting adjustment 
Table, K-leg stand, plus 1/2h.p. motor not included



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