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Reliable Canada Barracuda 2000u Straight & 5mm ZIGZAG Walking Foot Sewing Machine with Cuda Crank Handwheel Kit, 9mmLift 7"Arm 16x13"ExtTable
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BARRACUDA 2000U-33- The Barracuda zigzag walking foot upholstery machine is a remarkably versatile machine. Designed for boat owners, serious hobbyists, and small businesses, the Barracuda does so much, for so little. 

Flexibility and performance. 
The stitch quality is comparable to an industrial machine, for a fraction of the price... plus the added bonus of a zig-zag stitch, now thatís value! 

Built for the tough jobs. 
The Barracuda has a top and bottom feeding system that is ideal for heavy, bulky material. It produces a perfect, even stitch even when you are sewing over challenging fabric. 

Power to spare. 
WIth the extra power from its built-in speed reducer, the Barracuda has no trouble going over 6, 8 even 10 plies of fabric at a time. It is quite incredible to see how easy this machine performs the most difficult tasks. 

Features to help you get the job done faster. 
All of the convenience features are standard to make your job easier; reverse lever, oscillating shuttle hook, piping feet (1/8" > 3/16") and of course our trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment. 

Use Organ Size 22 Needles system 135x17, and #69 bonded nylon/polyester thread for sewing on exterior weight upholstery fabric 
Both zigzag and straight stitch can be operated in reverse with the lever on the right 

All of the convenience features are standard to make your job easier: reverse lever, oscillating shuttle hook, and of course, Reliable's trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment. 

150 Watt, 1.5 Amp, 110 Volt, 60 Cycle Motor, 8000RPM 
Plastic cover for undercarriage to prevent scratching table or dripping oil on table. 

Cuda Crank Handwheel Kit Features 

The Cuda Crank is a very handy addition to the Barracuda sewing machine. Install this solid steel hand-wheel with easy to follow diagrams and instructions. Comes complete with all of the necessary hardware to ensure proper assembly. Fluid turning motion makes quick work of all heavy fabric sewing tasks. 

The Cuda Crank is handy for times when there is a weak or temperamental power source or an electrical cord isn't long enough to reach a sail or upholstery area in need of repair. This big wheel add-on to the already portable Barracuda sewing machine makes the Cuda Crank the ideal 'first mate'. 


High lift walking foot with 1/4" clearance underneath the foot 
Sews Up To 1/4" Compressed Fabric 
4 stitches per inch maximum stitch length 
Up To 800 Stitches Per Minute 
Toothed Belts And Pulleys 
Cleated positraction belts combine with new geared hand wheel pulley, geared reduction pulley and geared motor pulley to eliminate slipping 
Special heavy duty motor attached up to 150 watts, 1.5 amps, twice as much as home sewing machines 
Top And Bottom Feed 
Spring loaded reverse 
Uses 16 class welt foot 
Fabric Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment 
All-Metal Construction 
Made In Taiwan 
Portable Walking Foot Sewing Machine 
Foot Control Included 
Fits regular portable case or cabinets 
In straight stitch mode, a needle positioning lever allows for movement of the needle left, right, and center 
Uses standard upholstery needles: 135x17, size 22, 20, 18, etc. 
The extension table measures 16 x 12.5 x 6 and has two folding legs for your convenience 


Maximum sewing speed: 6600rpm 
Stitch length:	 0-6 mm 
Stitch width:	 5 mm 
Presser foot lift: By hand 8 mm 
Needle size:	 135 x 17 
Work space:	 6.5" 
Bed size:	 14.5" (370 mm) 
Hook type:	 Oscillating shuttle 
Lubrication:	 Manual 
Warranty: RELIABLE 1 Year Warranty 

Included Accessories

1/8 to 3/16" Welt Foot Set 
Extra Bobbins 
Foot Control 
Extension Table 
Carrying Handle 
Thread Stand 
Instruction manual 
Warranty card 

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