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Naomoto CDP-420 Electric Steam Iron 500W, Volume Adj, 110C230F+ w/o Teflon Shoe, TufframSole, Drainage & WaterFeed 1Hose, ComfortHandle HeatShield 4Lb

For under-pressing and european style final-pressing - Complete with two-in-one hose system...

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For under-pressing and european style final-pressing 
Complete with two-in-one hose system. 
NAOMOTO SUPER CD TECHNOLOGY, Enables the excellent ironing with wide range temperature and for any kinds of fabric. 
Even if the ironing at low temperature (110C/230C) is required, it is possible to iron without wearing Teflon Shoe and worrying about condensation drops forever. 
Excellent steam and heat make wrinkles smoothed out in no time. 
User friendly product - Drainage and water feeding hose are combined into one hose. 
You can easily and finely adjust the steam volume by swing lever, push lever and feather touch type switch. 

2-in-1 Hose system 
A mechanism, which the condensation drain tube is built into the steam feeding hose, enables you to be free from problems forever such as uneasy handling and watering. 

Precise temperature control 
A combination both Electronic Thermostat(N-89S/ST/W) and Heater Element gives precise temperature control ±1.5C(3F) and energy efficiency 

Tuffram finish iron sole 
A Teflon injected Iron sole makes smooth and easy ironing with long life. 

Naomoto Standard Comfort 
Molded Urethane Handle 
Open End Handle 
Heat Shield 
Excellent Weight Balance 
Fine Steam Volume Control


Voltage: 120V/220V 
Wattage: 500W 
Machine Dimension: 204mmx94mm 
Weight: 1.7kg (3.7 lbs) 
Sole Finishing: Tuffram

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