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Jiffy J-2000 FS Garment Clothes Fabric Steamer J2000, Freshens, Remove Wrinkles & Odors, 2MinHeat 1.5HrSteam 1300W 6"Head 5.5'Hose 18Lbs

The only cord plug, voltage option and steam head is NEMA 5-15 - 120 VOLTS - PLASTIC STEAM HEAD

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The Jiffy J-2000 FS garment steamer provides the most gentle, safest and most efficient method to remove wrinkles from fabrics. The powerful action of steam penetrates the fibers, relaxes them and causes the wrinkles to release.

Unlike ironing, the gentle method of steaming increases the life of clothing. Steaming breathes new life into fabrics; conversely, ironing crushes clothing fibers. Not to mention many people find that steaming is up to five times faster than conventional ironing.


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