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Maimin Minishere

Our fast and powerful hand shears cut cloth, synthetics or plastics.

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Our high speed electric Minishere works like a pair of hand shears...but much faster! For clean cutting of all types of material, single and multiple plies up to 5/16" (8mm).

The unique shearing action of the Minishere's six sided blade is ideal for cutting low lays of tough material like Cordura and Kevlar, or delicates like the latest microfibres. The Minishere will not fuse synthetics or pull on light fabrics.

Ergonomically Designed
The comfortable handle and easy on/off switch will help reduce strain and fatigue on the operator's wrist and fingers.

Special Features
3-in-1 cutting guide - the baseplate converts easily to a special guide for slitting and trimming plastics or knitted fabrics

Recessed sharpener - permits unobstructed view of the cutting line

Built-in lubricator - for cutting special materials like vinyl or coated fabrics

Shock protection - the Minishere is double insulated for greater operator safety

Weight: 1.75lbs.
Blade Size: 2"
Capacity: 5/16" / 8mm
Speed: 2400 RPM
Power: 110v / 220v

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